TV Commercial & YouTube Ads

We believe in telling your stories through animation or filming. Whether these stories are delivered via traditional method of producing TV commercials or by YouTube Ads, we have strengthen our muscles in producing some of the most compelling YouTube ads designed especially to get viral and TV commercials that can mesmerize the right audience. And with the help of strong narratives, we tend to achieve your goals by providing with high production standards we make sure that your business story can attract the masses with our particular specialism expertise in this category.

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Corporate Video

Corporate videos are one of the most powerful tools to brand and promote your business and describes your company’s products, services as well as your history, vision, mission in the most straightforward way to bring communication and engage your brand with your clients. That’s the reason why a lot of corporations are looking towards Corporate videos as an innovative and powerful solution. At Mastermind we work with our clients in developing the storyboard, content in terms of filming interviews, locations, footages etc. and finally compiling it into one single HD or 4K video.

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Explainer Video

Would you like your business to become self-explanatory? At Mastermind we specialize in creating animated explainer videos, whether in 2D or 3D but always with an innovation.

Study shows that written text web pages have an average surfing period of 48 seconds and after that user will give up while on the other hand when a web page has a video, the user stay on the web page between 2 to 3 minutes simply because an animated explainer video explains the idea better than all the effective marketing instruments and help the users to reduce the efforts spent and the energy required to understand the message and what are you trying to deliver to them in an easy and interesting way.

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Infographic Video

Static infographics are so boring! Are you tired of connecting and explaining numbers with complex information!


Infographics are graphical representations of data and information. Humans consider data to be dry and boring, but everybody enjoy a good story. Here at Mastermind we bring Infographics, complex data, Statistics and Numbers to life, our moving charts will captivate you and your audience.

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Testimonial Video

You can talk a lot about how amazing your business, product or service is, but your customers still want to hear about you from their peers, 85% of consumers turn to online reviews to determine whether or not the business who they will be dealing with is reputable. Video testimonials are a great way to bring positive online reviews directly to your potential customers.

Testimonial videos are basically good reviews and recommendations from your existing clients to your potentials; it brings life and credibility to your business in a way that written texts just can’t compete with. Hearing a satisfied customer talking about their personal experience with your product or service not only leaves a good impression on your potentials, but also builds trust and make them take fast and educated decisions to deal with your business.

You can draw easily a direct line between testimonial videos and hundreds of thousands of dollars in return so rather than selling your business yourself, let other people do it for you by one of the latest trends in the market.

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Business Training Video

Business training videos can explain general information about your company’s policies, procedures and helping the new employees, workers and fresh students gain information and learn quickly and easy. Even if you have new policies new system or even new technology, training video is the ideal way to get the information on how to use it across your entire organization as quickly as the technology needs to be incorporated.

These videos can also include business safety videos that provide important safety information to employees and other workers and making sure all the staff has an identical exposure to your company regulations and safety guidelines.

Mastermind can help you create training and safety videos that can dramatically make the training information immediately available to all staff members.

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Documentaries & Biographical Videos

Documentaries play a vital part to show case your company’s growth. Our vision is to educate and inspire your target audience about your products and services and facilitate them to know your organization and your business better.

At Mastermind we primarily focus on documentary films that related to corporate history, biography, politics, and the environment.

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Voice Over

Spread your Word with Mastermind!

Here at Mastermind our professional voice-over service will assist you with any type of voice over and have the experience to get it done right with almost all languages and dialects.

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